Art is much less important than life,
but what a poor life without it.

—Robert Motherwell

Color, to me, is a medium in its own right. The great colorists--Henri Matisse, Mark Rothko, Hans Hofmann--never cease to astonish. In my own practice, when I start a new piece, my initial attempts to fuse recalcitrant colors invariably fail: colors have minds of their own and are not necessarily team players. But on our best days, once the paints and I get past our start-up skirmishes, sometimes occasionally rarely once-in-a-while something magical happens. And that's what keeps you painting.

Art entered my life gradually, and relatively late, after a career in the hard sciences. My art education began at the Studio School in the Cambridge Center for Adult Education (Massachusetts), working with Phil Press, Barbara Baum, and Sue Miller; these artists and gifted teachers made all the difference in both my ability and my determination to paint. Since then, I've also devoted substantial effort to drawing, through classes at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, as well as private studies, with Paul Rahilly, Janet Monafo, and Paul Goodnight. I am especially grateful to Janet Monafo, whose passion for art-making and whose incredible vision challenge me and propel me in directions I would never have dreamed possible.

Before art, my world revolved around science and technology. I earned a degree from MIT in chemical physics and over the years worked in health care, pharmaceutical and biotech development, environmental science, and, of course, the ubiquitous technology of our time: systems and computers.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • New Hampshire Art Association: 31st Annual Lassonde Juried Exhibition (April 2017)
  • New Hampshire Art Association: 32nd Annual Lassonde Juried Exhibition (April 2018)
  • Raised Voices: Local Artists Resist! juried exhibition, Brattleboro VT (May 2018)
  • Vermont Artisan Designs, Brattleboro VT: solo exhibition (Oct 2018)
  • Vermont Artisan Designs, Brattleboro VT: featured artist (Dec 2021)